Modern Job Search for Mature Workers

This workshop supports Older Workers in creating a Personalized Success Strategy as they navigate a Mid-Life Career Move or re-enter the work force. Participants will be motivated to identify the strengths they bring to the workforce but how to also mitigate areas that may challenge their success at this stage of their life/ career.

Through guided facilitation, interactive discussion, small group activity and self-assessment, participants will:

  • Understand change and their position within change acceptance using the Bridges Change Model
  • Identify and assess their soft skills and areas of strength
  • Explore “Positive Beliefs” about Older Workers and how to use them to leverage career opportunities
  • Discuss stereotypes and dispel myths surrounding Older Workers
  • Discover solutions to the challenges of re-entering the workforce as an older worker
  • Examine 12 Mistakes Older Job Seekers make
  • Learn how to avoid being screened out of employment opportunities
  • Increase their ability to create effective Resumes that work and win at Interviews
  • Explore career decisions that align with their financial landscape
  • Review helpful tips and strategies for creating a successful Mid-Life Career Move
  • Develop a Personalized Success Strategy that will guide them through the next steps of reaching their stated goal

Please contact BGS Enterprises to register:, or call 780 425 6655

Saturday, January 19, 2019
9:30am - 4:00pm
Training Room