ONLINE - Virtual Escape Rooms

Try one of our Virtual Escape Rooms! These games were designed with 11-17 year olds in mind but players of all ages enjoy solving the puzzles! Think you've got what it takes to escape?


Trapped in The Little White School 

 Seeking shelter from a storm, you wait out a blizzard in The Little White School. You'll need to get the electricity back up and running in order to escape this game. 


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The Haunted Theatre 

 At annual scary movie festival, things get spooky real quick. Classic horror movies, old Hollywood lore and some paranomal activity make this game a stand out! Try to get out before curfew! 


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Museum Mayhem 

Locked in an amazing museum overnight, the only way out is the to examine the displays and learn about Ancient Civilizations to escape.

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Phantom of the Arden 

 You're an understudy who's been given the chance of a lifetime to perform a lead role at the Children's Festival. Can you solve all of the Phantom of the Arden's puzzles before the time runs out?

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Hotel Heist 

 Travel back in time to this luxurious 1920s hotel. One of the guests was robbed last night at a masquerade ball. Investigate the crime scene, talk to witnesses and accuse a suspect in this game.

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The Mad Wizard's Tower

You're trapped in a castle with a strange wizard who isn't too keen on revealing the secret to escape.

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Sugar Rush 

 You're an apprentice at a bakery. You're about to start your shift when you discover it's has been pranked with all kinds of puzzles! Can you solve the riddes and narrow down the suspects?

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Cabin Fever 

 You're locked in a creepy cabin in the woods. You could take the easy way out, or follow the clues to discover treasure.

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Maker Escape

 Robots have gone haywire and we need an expert coder like you to make things right.


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